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History of


Palavratzi family, established at nothern Greece, in 1922

coming form Xili in Asia Minor and carrying Byzantine music tradition. The main occupation has been manufacturing of musical instruments. Ilias Palavratzi's receives the secrets of an art from llia Kanaki (1850 - 1965), known from Istanbul as Kapoudagli. Instruments with his label are saved in excellent condition up to today. With seat Thessalonica founds the "kampana".

The new workshop KAMPANA starts spreading the very best fame of excellent bouzoukis

Ilias Palavratzis becomes noted with the name "Masoras-Master" all over Greece, as well as where in the world exists Hellenism. Changing radically models and moulds (standard of manufacture), creates instruments, each one withparticular sound and at the same time excellent manufactured, having as a result a constantly improved sound with the passage of time.

Modern holdover of Tradition

Athanassios Palavratzi's with studies in the state Conservatoire of Thessalonica and simultaneously presence and practice in the laboratory in the modern holdover of tradition. Today uses new techniques and modern means in the process of production. Improves the instruments in details that only a noted and demanding musician it would be possible to achieve.

Quality becomes art

He takes care of the decoration as well as the reinforcement of their resistance, aiming at the improvement of sound output. For each one of the instruments that are being manufactured in the laboratory "kampana", is provided regular control (service) and it is pointed out for its right maintenance.

History goes on

We are here for you! You can have an excellent bouzouki today, according to your needs and preferences, made by the most reliable techniques and finished as an art item.