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Kampana is a traditional workshop

manufacturing hand made bouzoukis, baglamas, tzouras and the new electro acoustic bouzoukis. We are located in Greece and carry the knowledge, as 3rd generation of Palavratzi's family in professional instruments creation.

Creation starts from raw wood

dried and selected with special care. Type of wood is critical for each part of the musical instruments and so each part has the most suitable piece. Materials influent the sound, feeling, design, durability and character of the instrument. It is not an easy part of the job to select the best woods, but experience is the key.

We design each instrument

according to customer's choices for sound, type, design, addons and trimings. Our techniques include all the knowledge of our experience passed through generations and impovements using modern glues, accessories and tools. The fine appication of our capabilities, affect the durability, producing a last long steady piece, over the years. What you get is what you will enjoy for many many years, without changes due to humidity and temperatures.

Luxury is a factor

that goes with your favorite instrument. We love it, we want it perfect and as it is dreamed by you. Sensation and appearence is what you feel and see on our creation and after hearing your desired sound on it, you will know that it owns a soul! This is what our clients say for their belongings bought from us.

See, hear, feel and select!

We have ready bouzoukis to hear, see and buy. You can easily sense the unique sound that each one have. In our presentations, we mostly focus on video, so that you will know the most of the item you are interested.

Bouzouki by our hands, for your heart

We provide a lot of known musicians with our very best instruments. You have surely seen and heard some of them. We wait for your turn to enjoy the very best of your play on a bouzouki, with all of your heart! Contact us and start your music dream!